Monday, January 14, 2013

Past and Present Update & Assignment

Linda sent out the assignment for January on the 5th, and I'm a bit slow getting it on the blog.  But, here are some pics of Linda's progress!

I think I need to get a mini tri-pod!  I'm sorry for the bit of blur, but we thought you really needed to see some close-ups of this beautiful sampler.  Linda's assignment for us this month is as follows:

"For the month of January we want to get the broken line directly below the darning patterns in as well as the medallion on the left hand side. Also get the flowers and vine that are directly above the hardanger stitched. I did not run into any problems with the charts except that the medallion is on several different pages. To make it easier, I made copies of all the pages and then taped them together.   This month should not be hard to get the assignment finished."

Watch for pictures from our Jan 5th Stitch-in and Show and Tell!  I'll be posting them in a day or so.

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