Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4th Quarter Newsletter Now Available

Hello everyone!  I thought I'd make a quick post here to mention that a new edition of the Swan Sampler Guild Gazette is hot off the press and available on our website at

I'm a newbie at preparing this, so of course I had to make one really big mistake.  And, I'm here to confess. I neglected to thank a very important person, so I'll do it here. Brenda Miles has prepared and edited our newsletter for many quarters now, and we are so grateful for her service.  She spent many hours with the board, keeping everyone on their toes as to when their articles were due, and fighting the formatting.  She will be missed in this role, and we really appreciate her!

Now, here's the back story on our new format.  Brenda sent me the files for the newsletter, and when I started to use them, I found that I couldn't open them.  I don't know the reason, but I didn't want to ask her to send them again, because I was pretty sure I'd have the same trouble...I assumed it was something on my end.  Because I'm a different person with different computer programs.  Sometimes the transfer of these things doesn't go as smoothly as we'd like.  So, I found a template, tweaked it a bit, and now we have a new format.  I hope you like it.

Now, go read the newsletter.  Then stitch!

Happy thoughts to you all!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Catherine Theron

The guild is pleased to announce that Catherine Theron will be teaching three of her pieces in September 2013. For pictures, please see . For more information on the class, please see the third quarter 2012 newsletter on the Swan Sampler Guild website.